In matters of copyright the Firm operates for the protection of the most important domestic newspapers and publishers.

It has gained particular experience with regard to the protection of literary works, cinematographic and audiovisual works, works of figurative art and musical works as well as in computer programs and data bases.

It is in the forefront in handling issues relating to the protection of image rights and industrial design.

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Practice areas


Distinctive Signs

In trademark matters, domain names and distinctive signs in general.


Protection of the most important domestic newspapers and publishers.


Handling problems relating to the ownership of patents and especially in matters involving employee inventions and fair compensation.


Designs and models

Protection of the aspect of the industrial product, in particular in the fields of fashion, home furnishings and automotives.


Appellations of origin and geographical indications

Protection of local products are amongst its prominent clients


Vast experience in handling disputes in matters relating to advertising before the Self-Regulatory Jury, Antitrust Authority, Regional Administrative Tribunals and Ordinary Courts.


Competition and antitrust law

Assistance in concluding agreements and covenants of non-competition as well as disputing the relative violations


Anti-counterfeiting strategy

Highly skilled in developing and implementing anti-counterfeiting enforcement strategies,