On 5 October 2018 the Official Gazzette n. 232 published the decree by the Ministry of agricultural, food, forestry and tourism policies dated 18 July 2018.

This decree contains the general dispositions on the constitution and recognition of the consortiums on the protection of designations of origin and geographical indications for wine implementing art. 41.12 of the Consolidated Text on wine, approved with Law of 12 December 2016 n. 238 and it abrogates the decree of the Ministry of agricultural, food, forestry and tourism policies of 16 December 2010.

In particular the decree defines the modalities of recognition and conferment of the assignments of the consortiums (articles 3 – 6); supervisory activities thereof (art. 7); the ways on how the new users of the designations of origin can request the start-up aid (art. 11); the ways to access the information relating to the costs incurred by the consortium (art. 14) and how to apply for authorization of the use of DOP or PGI on composite, processed or transformed products (art. 16).

The consortiums which have already been recognized are required to comply with the decree within one year from its entry into force.