Today, Tuesday, April 26, marks World Intellectual Property Day.

Prof. Giuseppe Sena, founder of the firm and Professor Emeritus of the University of Milan, represents Industrial Law at the celebratory event held today, from 5 p.m., at the ADI Design Museum in Milan.

The initiative, organized by LES in collaboration with the School of Design of the Milan Polytechnic, is dedicated to the creations that constitute milestones in the history of Italian Design, selected from those that make up the Compasso d’Oro collection and those on display in the “Italia Geniale” exhibition held in the past few weeks in Rome at the Ministry of Economic Development.

It is also an opportunity to look to the future, through the presentation of some projects of young designers, students of the Milan Polytechnic.

The round table will feature as speakers, in addition to Professor Sena: Mattia Dalla Costa, President of Les Italia, Francesco Zurlo, Head of the School of Design, Milan Polytechnic, Barbara Colombo, Research Enhancement Service, Milan Polytechnic, Enrico Deluchi, Polihub – Milan Polytechnic, Umberto Tolino, Start-Up / Polihub Milan Polytechnic. Moderator: Simona Cazzaniga, Milan Polytechnic – Les Italia.