Elisabetta Berti Arnoaldi, lawyer, is a speaker in the webinar organized by AIPPI today: Industrial Product Shape and Copyright Protection in China.

The speech is dedicated to the evolution of the Chinese Copyright discipline, which goes through three important junctures.

The Copyright Establishment Law of 1991, which, with a system that is aligned with the Berne Convention, provides an illustrative sample list of works that are eligible for the relevant protection.

The Amendment of 1st June 2021, which reaffirms the non-exhaustiveness of this list and introduces penalty measures and compensation criteria in line with those in other jurisdictions.

The program promoted by the Chinese government in September 2021, meant to be completed in 2035, with the transformation of China into an “Intellectual property powerhouse”.

The other speakers are Dr. Carlo Bertani of Elesa s.p.a., witness to the Italian company’s need for protection for the iconic form of its products in the world, and Dr. Stefano Vatti, who brings the experience of the patent consultant.

Ms Paolina Testa, lawyer, introduces the session.

The event fits appropriately into the ongoing Design Week in Milan.