The Indicam meeting on IP protection in China was a great success: the focus was on Industrial Design and Fashion, on the tools that foreign entrepreneurs have at their disposal to protect the shape of their products, from the so-called Design Patent to Copyright, through the protection as trademarks and the prosecution of unfair competition. The trend of decisions by the Chinese offices, as well as the fast evolution towards the construction of an Intellectual Property Powerhouse, which is the subject of an ongoing governmental program, suggests that in China there is now also space for an unlimited exclusivity for the iconic shapes of industrial products. And we will not stop with that: let’s prepare the next one, dedicated to the challenges of intellectual property. IP TO 360° FOCUS ON: DESIGN by Indicam, on 26 April, with Francesca La Rocca and Elisabetta Berti Arnoaldi Veli we will talk again about copyright protection for fashion and industrial design creations: