On 10 January 2020 Sen. Stefano Patuanelli, Minister of Economic Development signed the decree which defines the modality to register in the special Register a “Historic trademark of national interest” and establishes the logo that identifies such “Historic trademark of national interest”, which was officially presented on 13 January 2020.

This regulation implements the Growth Decree of April 2019. The aim is to protect the industrial property of the Italian historical enterprises, the excellence, in the challenge in order to enhance the Made in Italy, innovation, sustainability, International competitiveness.

Those marks that are present on the market for at least 50 years may be registered in the Register. More specifically it concerns either trademarks that have already been registered either non-registered trademarks provided that it is possible to demonstrate the continuous use.

The new measure will become effective once the directorial decree has been enacted which will establish the procedural aspects and the deadline for presenting the application for registration on the special Register.